Date - October 4, 2022
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Section 1 – Liquid Health Ingredients
1Vit A, D, E, C Concentrate
200ml, 500ml, 1L and 5L Bottle
2Vit A+ D3+ E+ C+ Se+ B12 + Lysine + Methionine + Biotin 
3Liver Tonic with appetite boosters & detoxifiers 
4Super strong Liver Tonic with appetite boosters & detoxifiers 
5Protein, Iron with Vitamin Concentrate for growth 
6Amino Acids + Enzymes + Vit + MineralsWeight gain and Egg production formula
7Selenium + Vit. E + Biotin + PolysorbateAntioxoidant and Immunity Booster
8Buffered organic acids + Oxine Copper + natural essential oilsWater and Gut Acidifier
9B-Com. Vits + Electro salts+ High energy boostersLiquid tonic for metabolic fuction Mgt
10Blend of Essential oils and nutrientsHealth protection Formula
Section 2 – Powder Health Ingredients
1Broad Spectrum Toxin Binder and mould inhibitor
250g, 500g, 1Kg, 5kg and 25Kg Bag/Jar
With MOS , FOS & Colloiadal Clay
2Electrolites with ProbioticsSource of Energy – Anhydrous dextrose
3Phytase – 5000/10000 FYT units/gm 
4Feed and Gut AcidifierA synergistic combination of buffered organic acids with Oxine Copper, natural clays & Aluminosilicates
5Natural Vitamin C for immunity and relief from stressCombination of biologically active Phytochemicals
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